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inner sanctum

Growing up in an Indian household, Kitchen is the space where I've spent the least of my time when I'm home. Because it's the one space, I've been distinctively told to stay out of, cause it’s deemed for the women of the house. After staying away from home for a little over a decade, curiously I've constantly found kitchens to be these intriguing spaces that transport me back home instantly whenever I travel and happen to find myself in a stranger's house. Is it merely because I long for my mother's cooking? Or Is it something about the space itself that draws me in?!


This series takes on this idea and tries to follow the narrative of this space as a part of society as well as being a critical part of the family with which it is made of. Inner Sanctum revolves around the politics of Indian Kitchens and their role in the ingrown patriarchy, socio-economic fluctuations and caste identity, While trying to portray the men and women who run these kitchens through their own space.

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